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Aligned, MBPYC.

Aligned, MBPYC. Namas-Ten is a book/app. To help busy professionals- like myself- lead 10 minutes of personal yoga and add the most rewarding break to the day. Straightforward but powerful techniques of yoga and meditation. Learn to be more attentive and peaceful so that you can relieve stress, regulate your emotions, and achieve focus and clarity.

The practice of yoga has become increasingly popular in recent times as more people realize its fantastic healing benefits. However, factors such as time constraints and the lack of adequate knowledge have made it difficult for more people to enjoy the inherent advantages of a yoga practice. I am, however, looking to change this narrative with the launch of my guide to a fast, easy, and effective approach for everyone.

Aligned, Namas-Ten will give you a step-by-step plan for a yoga break- during busy days. Simple exercises and practical techniques to apply personal yoga and meditation to your hectic daily life obstacles.

  • Concise introduction to your practice and its many physiological benefits

  • Step-by-step plan to achieve a safe yoga break

  • Measure your progress

  • Specific journal prompts to keep you engaged

  • Helpful tips to help you engage creativity and keep motivated.

Aligned, Namas-Ten will show you how to soothe your mind and calm your nerves with a practical and personalized approach to yoga and mindfulness.

Coming August 2021

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About the Author

Carolina Herrera Flórez, a health coach expert and lifestyle consultant. She's spent the past 15 years working with over 10,000 clients to improve their lifestyles through yoga practice-even coining the phrase "make your personal yoga fun." I have written two books Learn Commit Grow With Personal Yoga and Wellness Core Secrets, both best sellers.

In addition to her yoga practice, she works as a health professional serving those looking to plan and implement a healthy lifestyle.

She has conducted many workshops to educate people about personal yoga practice, the art of slowing down for a unique approach that will last a lifetime.

Registered Nurse

Master of Health Care Administration

Registered Yoga teacher

Public Health Nurse

She also loves nature, enjoys yoga time at home, and is known for having a few secret yoga Zen retreats around her house, making it accessible to her lifestyle.

The best part of exercising is doing yoga at home. It's no secret that feeling great about your accomplishments in fitness will help you live a healthier lifestyle, and now thanks to, beginning a new journey towards health has never been easier!

Carolina Herrera

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